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If you dream it, you can DO IT.

How often do you envision something but stop short because the vision is too big? If you have done this once that is one time too many! Foundation 29 was birthed from something that started out as sadness and devastation and turned into a community driven, blessed, non profit organization. Cancer USED to be a very frightening word for my family. Our mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2004 and while it was a difficult, extremely sad time when she passed in 2011 we all recognized the blessing. See my mom survived way longer than expected. Her first doctor told her surgery was impossible. It was a second opinion that gave her a second chance. And let me tell you she took FULL advantage of that second chance. In those remaining 4 years she visited me in Washington State, she was able to go see my baby brother graduate from basic training in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. She surprised my aunt with a visit in Florida, she went to go visit her uncle in New York and she drove to Myrtle Beach to see my son play in an AAU championship game. My mom was a visionary and this was passed on to our sister Kimberly. Which why is my brother and I are not shocked that my sister took something that initially started out as a memorial for our mother and a healing zone for her and turned it into an organization that educates and gives back to the community. Don't sleep on your dreams. THRIVE off them. Write them down. Pray about them. ACT on them. But do not IGNORE them.

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